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Functional, beautiful, and practical urban pods for life and work.

Lifestyle pods

We design, create, and supply bespoke accommodation units

Looking for living space that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to add on to what you have already, and multi-functional?

These custom designed accommodation units can reset your whole lifestyle simply, easily, and even affordably. An added bonus is the shape – far more interesting than a converted container!

Our range of pods

Urban Pods

Urban pods help you create a minimalistic lifestyle on your own terms with an aesthetic, natural look.

Eco Pods

Eco pods are suitable for living, just like the urban pods, but with a different design.

Office Pods

Tired of working in a typical office or cubicle? The office pod is a perfectly inspiring work space.

Lake Pods

Live on water! These beautiful petal-shaped pods can be moored and provide living space complete with plumbing and electricity.

Benefits of Custom Pods

Cost Efficient

Get practical and stunning living spaces at less than the cost of building a house.

Self-Sufficient & Multi-purpose

Pods are suitable for living spaces as mini-homes, work spaces, hobby spaces, and accommodation.

Mobile modular units

The pods are easily assembled wherever you need them placed, and their modular construction makes it easy to add on more.

Fully customisable for Off-grid living

You can live off-grid if you opt for solar paneling on your pod - another huge plus of pod-based living!

Pod Gallery

Need to add rooms?

If you’re in the hospitality business and need to add more accommmodation FAST, adding pods is the way to go. Speed, classy features, comfort, and additional space that is less complex to add than extending your current building. 

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